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Our Excellent House Addresses Description

Our signs are made of  black or white cast acrylic glass.

It's weather-resistant and should last 30 years without discoloration or cracks.  Besides glossy finishing we offer flat matte finishing .  We only use rust and stain-proof zinc coated screws to mount the signs.  To increase the curb appeal of your home, optionally we can install a solar light over the house sign, to be easy visible at the night time  or power led lights installed on the back of signs. ( see Gallery page).

Standard model is suitable for all types of wall surfaces including  Stucco, Brick, Vinyl, Wood and Stone.

We also do family emblems or company logos.


Simply choose one (or several) of the font styles that you like best from the list below, and forward them to us at  Be sure to include your address (Street name and number) and we will get back to you with a mockup of your sign! Why do we send a mockup? So that you can see exactly what your address will look like in the font(s) you’ve selected.

Script Font Styles

We have it 10 Script Fonts Styles to choose from:

1.Edwardian,  2.French,  3.Commercial, 4.Bold, 5.Playball, 6.Bermuda, 7.English 8.Dianna, 9.Shelly, 10.Regency.

Non-Script Font styles

Additionally we  also offer 5 Non-Script (Block) Fonts Styles to choose from:


            2.Matura ,




Dimension of Signs

Capital letter height can go up to 8" and overall length can  go up to 70" as standard   . Custom sizes available as well.

 Emblems & Company Logos

We also do family emblems or company logos. Just  send us your logo , signboard  or emblem we will make your custom sign.

Below are only a few examples of what we have done  in the past.


Our prices are affordable, without compromising quality. One price fits for all script,  black ,standard  (8" width, and up to  70" length) signs,regardless the number of characters.

Sale price with installation and warranty now after $50 anniversary rebate, all script addresses just $249.

(no deposit required)

If you choose any NON RSCRIPT  style

extra $40.

If you choose any different color than black

extra $40.

Optional solar light, installed over the sign- extra $40.

All  standard power led lights  signs incl.installation

just $449.

(50% deposit required)

We mostly serve  GTA,  Peel or Halton Region, small fees applies extra for other areas.

Solar or led lights

Thats the solar motion light

of 212 leds increasing   visibility

of your address sign significantly

from even other side of the street.

            Thats the power backup
           led lights giving your signs
        tremendous view at the night time.

Product Policy

Our installed signs are protected by a two year written  labour warranty and with a lifetime manufacturer material warranty. 

Two years labour warranty for the house sign of

28 Ellesboro Drive

Since December 2020.

Two years labour warranty for the house sign of

14 Bowes Crt

Since September 2020.

Two years labour warranty for the house sign of

4296 Hickory Dr.

Since July  2019.

   Two years labour warranty for the house sign of

                3864  Periwinkle Crescent 

                   Since October 2022.

Two years labour warranty for the house sign of

3015 Glace Bay Road

Since  January 2023.

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